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The Sablinsky natural monument is located on the territory of the Settlement — it is a unique nature reserve including two waterfalls, river canyons, as well as a complex of artificial caves. There is a scientific base of St. Petersburg state University in the Settlement.

Railway station
Sablino, Vokzalnaya street

Cave Showroom

In the today’s world the human interference with nature and the new technology development create a new reality, where the line between natural and artificial becomes blurred.
Museum complex
Route Road
Existing village
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Pustynka hamlet

A small village adjacent to Ul'yanovka, is located on the bank of the picturesque Sablinka river, where you can enjoy the countryside, and also you can go horse riding around the Sablinsky nature reserve; "there's an equestrian club here.
Urban-type settlement with a developed infrastructure here you can have an overnight stop in one of the hotels, and also refresh yourself in local cafes and a bakery.

Krasny Bor

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Pavlovsk is a landmark of world architecture and landscape (garden) design art. It includes the Palace and Park ensemble of the late XVIII — early XIX centuries, it is a former Royal country residence. The architectural ensemble built by three generations of architects is located in one of the largest landscape parks in Europe, allowing visitors to enjoy the art and also admire the beauty of nature.
Village (XIII century) — Tsarskoe Selo village (1777) — Imperial residence (1796) — the Town (1917)

Train to station Pavlovsk, Bus №179 (Pavlovsk—Saint Petersburg)

Nearby railway stations: Lyuban, Ushaki, Tosno, Sablino, Krasniy Bor, Pavlovs
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