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The town of Istra has managed to change the name several times during its history and it is known as " the Museum of architecture"; the town is famous for the churches and manors. The New Jerusalem monastery was founded by Patriarch Nikon in 1656 and it is the unique architectural monument, the main church of it was built according to the drawings of the "Church of the Holy Sepulchre" in Jerusalem. Right here the poem "In Voskresensk" was written by M. Yu. Lermontov.
Village (1589) — Countryside (1636) — Town (1781)

Train station "Novoiyerusalimskaya" bus number 372

What to see?

The beginning of the way is the end of Panfilov street near the Istra river. Before we start our tour we can visit the main attractions of this area:The New Jerusalem Monastery, the Museum of Wooden Architecture, and the Museum and Exhibition Complex "New Jerusalem".
Pokrovskoe-Rubtsovo Manor
Windmill. Museum of wooden art

Marx Generator

Tesla towers near Istra are one of the most powerful electric generators of electrical pulses built during the Soviet period. Actually this installation is an implementation of the Marx generator and it is able to generate pulses with 6 megavolts voltage and create electrical discharges up to 200 meters long. The huge towers have become a monument to the scientific achievements of the Soviet Union.
For about 0.0001 seconds the Marx generator produces impulse power exceeding the total capacity of all Russian power and nuclear plants

House of algorithm art

Current advances in science are as impressive as they are frightening.

Now machine-made things are frequently identical to man-made ones. Is there a border between science and art? Is it possible to disintegrate Beethoven's Sonata on zeros and ones, write the equation identifying inspiration?
The House of Algorithm art located near the Tesla towers submerges a person into the atmosphere, where everyone can find answers to these questions for oneself.

The courtyard is a kind of "dungeon" for robot animated by artificial intelligence. The purpose of its existence is not an imitation of creativity but designing a unique product.
Information desk / building with measuring equipment
Generators of impulse voltages 9 MV
stallations of Constant voltage 2.25 MV
Cascade of 3 MV s transformers with switching system
stallations of Constant voltage 2.25 MV
Moving around the viewer draws parallels between works of the human intellect and artificial intelligence. People here are participants of the research into the nature of art and the nature of science.
1st floor plan
2nd floor plan
What is art when the whole world obeys the binary code?
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Settlement of Hydrosystem named after Kuybyshev

Route to the settlement passes through the picturesque valley of the Istra river. Interestingly, lots of paintings by I. Levitan are inspired by the local landscape ("the Istra River»,"By the evening", "Thrust", etc.)
44 km

Kuznetsovo village

In the village of Kuznetsovo we have a rest on the eco-farm. It is a hospitable place with farm food, a petting zoo and foot walks on the farmland.
Shchekino can be fairly considered a typical Russian village. It is worth seeing the abandoned ancient building of textile manufactory.

Shchekino village

46 km
52 km

Maleevka village

There is a Bank and post office in the village. You can enjoy staying at the hotel "Usadba Maleevka", immersing in the atmosphere of the creative intellectuals 1960s.
Route to Maleevka runs through a field, that turns into a forest. They say the most gorgeous sunsets in Moscow region are watched here.
House of creativity Maleevka
The way to Vysokovsk
(15 km) passes through
picturesque and blooming

67 km


Vysokovsk is famous for its old weaving manufactory, one of the largest in the region in its time. This heartwarming town still has the ambiance of a working settlement.
Settlement (1864) — Town (1940)

From station Blinnaya (Pancake) by bus №23 to the Railway station Klin

What to see?

71 km

Kolosovo village

Picturesque village is perfect for dinner at a local house. The route goes through tiny swamps and birch groves. Great place for camping or staying at local inn.
79 km

Turkmen village

The Soviet novelist and poet V. T. Shalamov lived in this village for some years, those years became a period of remarkable literary inspiration for him.
"Around the village there are bayous, swamps and low woodlands – it is a trace of old years-long peat extraction. The clearings cut decades ago are straight as arrows."
Nearby railway stations: Novoiyerusalimskaya, Klin, Reshetnikovo
112 - Emergency telephone number
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