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Volkhov Most

A village on the bank of the Volkhov river, nearby there is G. R. Derzhavin's manor "Zvanka", which was badly damaged during the war. Around this place you can also find traces of the ancient Zvansky tract. Here we leave our boats and continue our route riding by bicycle.
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A small town in the North of the Novgorod region has grown thanks to the construction of a railway station. Nearby there is Derzhavin' s manor "Zvanka", Arakcheyev's barracks in Selische and count Arakcheev's manor in Gruzino.
Village (1539) — Railway junction (1851) — Work settlement (1923) — Town

Chudovo - Moskovskoe
Bus number 942

What to see?

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
The first hotel

Water Studies Center

The Water Studies Center space is located around to the Volkhov river near the town of Chudovo in the Leningradskaya region.
Over time, the river lost its importance for people of these places, ceasing to be a source of food, drinking water and transport links. The Center explores ways to restore connections between the river and people by using water as architectural elements, such as columns, walls, floors, and ceilings.
In addition to the exibition space, there are tourist lodges for overnight stays, a mini-cafe and a grocery store. You can get to the Water Studies Center from Chudovo by bike or by boat down the river Volkhov.
Information centre
Tourist lodges
Wood chopping deck and woodpile
Exhibition space
Tourist lodges
Tourist lodges
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Syabrenitsy hamlet

A tiny village near Chudovo is located on the highway along the left bank of the river Keresti. The only museum of Gleb Uspensky, who was a writer, is here, the exposition of this house-museum reproduces the genuine atmosphere in houses of late XIX century.
In this small village you can enjoy the pastoral scenery, and also look at the ruins of the Church of Our Lady of "The Sign". It was built at the beginning of the XVII century, and was badly damaged during the Second World War.

Babino village

665 km
669 km

Trubnikov Bor

It is worth visiting this village just to stroll along the picturesque pond. You can stay for a night at one of the hotels in the village and also have lunch at a local cafe.
A small village, perfect for camping during a trip. In the Leningradskaya region the only old post office station on the route from St. Petersburg to Moscow has remained in the center the village, it was built in the beginning XIX century. Now the building is abandoned, but nevertheless, it will interest history lovers.

Pomerania village

676 km
682 km


A small town where you can spend a night at a hotel and relax. Here it is worth walking around the small streets with amazing wooden architecture and visit the church of Holy apostles Peter and Paul, the only railway workers' church in Russia.
Hamlet (1500) - settlement at the railway station (1884) — Village (1900)— City
702 km

Ushaki village

The village can boast of its landscapes and a picturesque river. Here you can pause for the night at a hotel, refresh yourself in a local cafe and go to the sauna. Also you should visit the Church of Kazan icon of the Mother of God, that has recently been restored because the original church of the early twentieth century was destroyed.
Nearby railway stations: Volkhov most, Chudovo, Torfyanoe, Babino, Trubnikov Bor, Pomeranie
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