150 km


Tver is one of the ancient cities. Here you can follow layers of different ages — every alley in Tver stores its history and allows you to immerse into the atmosphere of the old city, this is an ideal place for relaxing walks. In addition, here you can visit local museums, theaters and the Philharmonic.
Trading settlement (1135) - Fortress (1247) – Town (1327)

Trains "Sapsan", "Lastochka",
Train Moscow — Tver.

What to see?

From Tver to the village of Krasny Bor you can get by bicycle or walk, watching the smooth changing of urban environment into pastoral countryside.
White Trinity
Travelling palace
165 km

Krasny Bor

Krasny Bor Village is located on the bank the Tvertsa river; from here the way on water begins. The small village can boast by stunning views. This place has been a spiritual center for a long time – there was a monastery which was lost, now on its site a church is built.
The First stop is on the water part of the route. The dwellers of Tver appreciate this place for peace and quiet. Here you can have lunch at one of the local farms.


167 km
Countryside (1859) - Pogost (1985) – Village (1945)
Village (1504)
180 km


The settlement is considered one the oldest in the Upper Volga. It was a busy trading area, ambassadors of the Ottoman Empire stayed here, — the village was a major commercial center. Here the water part of the route ends.
The church devoted to Kazanskaya icon of Virgin
Memorial "Mednoye"

Light Foundation

What do you associate Russian nature with? With a calmness, some mystique, and also with a fog that creates a certain atmosphere and changes the character of everything that you saw during the day. Sooner or later, the fog fades, is broken by light.
After walking through the difficult part of the route in the pine forest from the village of Mednoye, you will see a village emerging from the fog, where you can stay at and put your thoughts in order. Here, in the houses of the Ghost village, there is the Light Foundation. The Light Foundation complex consists of several buildings and can host exhibitions, but its main and permanent exhibit is the light that clears the fog and forest thickets on the way.
Souvenir: Take a piece of the most famous natural phenomenon with you.
Astronomer's House
Summer cafe
Folk crafts
Museum Courtyard, exhibition space
Temporary exhibition
After visiting the Foundation, your way will go on through the forest.
You will see mirror art objects that will lead you to the Mednoye memorial complex dedicated to the victims of political repression.
195 km

Rayok village

The most famous manor on the territory of the Tver region was once owned by Fyodor Glebov a powerful official in the period of reigning Catherine II. Besides it served as a relaxing point for the royal family members travelling from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.
The manor Rayok
206 km

Savinskie Gorki

The route to the village goes through the stunning countryside of Tver region, which has been glorified forever in the Russian literature. Here you can have lunch at the farm. Walk 7 km along the Tvertsa riverbed to the Panika village.
Panika got its name at the time of the Tatar-Mongols raids. The legend says the news about enemy hordes invasion came from this place. At first glance this remote and small village was really the most important outpost in ancient Russia. You can stay for a night at the Hotel in Staroyamskaya st., 6.

Panika village

219 km
226 km


This is one of the oldest cities in the Upper Volga region. The terrain features enable to see at a glance the entire Central part of it with the main architectural monuments and feel the warmth of the city, its harmony with the surrounding nature.
Trading settlement (1135) - Fortress (1247) – Town (1327)

What to see?

Short, but picturesque way to Torzhok can be walked or ridden by bike. Torzhok has the status of an "Urbanism Monument" and it is the" richest" city in Tver regions by number of monuments. There are about 400 historical objects in the city.
S.M, Proskudin-Gorsky
Engraving, XVI Century

Torzhok railway station Buses: 542 (Tver — Torzhok)

Nearby railway stations: Tver, Proletarskaya, Tvertsa, Torzhok
112 - Emergency telephone number
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