The way to the manor Vasilevo through the forest
The way to the manor Vasilevo through the forest
233 km


The manor is located on the riverbank near Torzhok in the Tver region. Here you can find an open air Museum with a large collection of masterpieces of wooden architecture XVIII-XIX centuries. This is an excellent site to enjoy ancient wooden architecture.
Settlement — Village XVII Century. Manor XVIII Century. — Health resort 1920 -- Open air Museum 1976

Canteen in the

Bus number 119 from the bus station in Torzhok to the bus stop"Sanatorium" Mitino-2»

View of the health resort building
Archangel Mikhail's Chapel, XVI century

What to see?

100 meter Boulder bridge
239 km

Prutnya village

It is a small village, the main attraction of which is the Church of Resurrection. After visiting the spiritual monument and walking in pastoral countryside we'll continue our route up along the river.
245 km

Tolstikovo village

A wonderful village near the Tvertsa river. Here a tired traveller can have an overnight stay.
247 km

Khudyakovo village

After walking along the path in the grove we come to Khudyakovo, and here we can continue going upstream.
248 km

Vorob'evo village

The village looks beautiful from the river side. Most popular engines for small reservoirs and: "Yamaha" - 2 or 8 watts; "Honda" – 2.3 or 8 watts; Tohatsu – 2.5 or 5 watts; They are noiseless and practical.
251 km


The village is abandoned. Twenty years ago, they say, a practical man in the village turned the unwanted scrap from a factory into an amazing playground. Remember your youth, appreciate the Russian ingenuity and go on your way.
252 km

Borovo village

A small village. There is a campsite nearby where you can have a nice dinner and enjoy the evening listening the guitar sounds. On the river along the Borovskoe village you'll meet small thresholds, be careful: the current is slow, but insidious.
The Village Osuyskoye looks like a simple chain of small houses strung on an axis that leads straight into the square grove: an anomaly, and even in some way an object of land-art. There is the Sound Park nearby this village.

Osuyskoye village

259 km
Thresholds on the river
Square grove

Sound Park

Sound Park
The interlocutor's speech, music in headphones, announcements at the station, sounds of car traffic — all this we hear every day. A person living in a big city, due to sound pollution, is not used to and does not know how to listen to.
The created space serves as a field for various types of experiments with sounds, gives people a chance to learn how to listen to sounds thinking about the sound as an object. In addition to the main exhibition space, the complex includes three pavilions: the pavilion of silence, the pavilion where you can hear sounds from all over the tour and the pavilion of vertical soundscapes. The Sound Park can also host various music festivals.
Vertical soundscape Pavilion
Insert space
Silence Pavilion
Archive of sounds
Down the Tvertsa river
266 km

Tveretsky hamlet

It appeared at the end of the XIX century as a village at the distillery of the Streltsovs's landowners. From the 1920s to 40s it was called Strelki, then it was a state farm "March 8th'. Since 1958 the village became known as Nikolsky distillery, and since 1983 the village has had the name Tveretsky. Here you can stay for a night.
282 km

Vydropuzhsk village

This is perhaps the most funny toponym on the entire route. A place with a rich history, and here you can enjoy the beautiful views of the brick mansions and wonderful wooden houses. It is an excellent place for an overnight stay.
Smolenskaya Church
The name Vydropuzhsk originates from the words taken from the Order of Empress Catherine II: "Flog out harder than a coachman"

Healing Workshop

What to do with a thing that is no longer needed? Sometimes the best solution is to leave it unattended and forget about it.
Abandoned items have different stories: "tired", "don't need", "unintentionally" and in rare cases set aside "with meaning".

Forgotten artifacts will be found along the route. A core. A check. A Hat. A boat. A House. Some Special equipment. A hamlet. Sometimes they become more beautiful when the nature takes its course.
Healing is a process of recovery. But how could it go? The Healing Workshop exists in an unusual context — an abandoned quarry. Rough empty area with a chaotic landscape becomes a place for a research center, experimental platforms for contemporary artists and exhibition space.
Here lots of scientists can devote themselves to research.

The study will be carried out to produce natural materials that are just becoming famous, as well as to make completely new ones. The collaboration of science and art takes place here.
Exhibition space
Lecture halls
Nearby railway stations: Spirovo, Osechenka, Terelesovskiy, Vyshniy Volochek
112 - Emergency telephone number
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