To get to the next village, we will have to walk through the woods all day long. It won't be easy, but incredibly beautiful. Untouched, mysterious and primeval nature will surround you.

River Msta

516 km

Ust '-Volma

The village will attract any tourist with an abundance of sights. Tatishchev's Manor, 2 chapels, Shchegolev's house, charming wooden houses. There is a medical center, supermarkets, a hostel, a house of culture, there is everything, to feel comfortable. Here we can spend the night.
536 km

Old Morozovichi

To this point you can get by boat down the picturesque river Msta. This is a dacha settlement, where there is located the Domestic Magic Area. On weekends fairs are held. You can rent some premises for your celebration.
Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Domestic Magic Area

The complex is dedicated to traditions and hardships of life in Russia.
The Area consists of an exhibition pavilion - anomalous zone, ritual and household structures. The Area allows tourists to feel the possible closest contact with the magic Russian hinterland. And this magic is not of a divine nature, but it is ridiculous and routine, and it is not in a miracle, but appears in a touching ability of people to adapt to circumstances. Funerals, weddings, mushroom picking, christenings – all these traditions and much more you can see here.
DIY music instrument,1990
Wing for wedding feasts and funeral repasts
Anomalous zone — exhibition pavilion
Starting point of mushroom hunt
Fish drying
Kitchen for anglers
Wood chopping deck and woodpile
Meadow -Veche (assembly) and dancing a roundelay
Wheat field
Hay drying
Washing on the river
Pier for christening and Ivan Kupala celebrations
Clothes drying
552 km

Chastova village

The tour continues down the river Msta passing by villages of Seregizh, Chastova, Dubrovka and Lyubitovo
Not far from Lyubitovo we leave our boats at the pier of the tourist camp. Here you can have a night stop

Lyubitovo village

566 km
593 km

Zmejsko village

Road through the swamp goes on past the Mytno village to the Zmeisko village, the distinguished feature of which is survived old Russian mounds.
After passing through a swampy area, meadows and fields, we go to one of the attractions on the way – it is the stone Shcheglets.
Shcheglets is a granite boulder with petroglyphs of the bronze age

Frozen Time Memorial

The tour down the Volkhov river leads through a swampy area where the bitterest battles took place during the Second World war. Now this place is called the Death Valle.
Approaching the Memorial, travellers will notice narrow copper sheets sticking out of the water. Their number grows over time, they lead to the pier in the village Selishchi, where the Memorial is located.
The Memorial building is the destroyed count Arakcheev's military barracks, one of six built in the Novgorod region. The history of Selishchi village began precisely with them.
To enter the Memorial, you need to go down the cleft in the center of the wheat field, which will lead visitors to the lower level of the Memorial. The first thing that catches your eye is the walls of the exhibition corridors covered with earth, grass and stones.
Going up to the first floor, you can see everything happening on the lower level, as well as two wings: the reconstructed wing on one side, and left in ruins on the other.
Main exhibition
Ruined wing
Land art
Guest houses
Entrance to the Museum
Wheat field
Ruined wing
Guest houses
Church of the Holy Spirit
Farm fields
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