747 km on foot

Three-quarters of people in Russia live in cities and towns. Living in the city offers comfort and lots of opportunities. On the other side, however, an individual undergoes the accelerating pace of life and increasing challenges of the society. As a rule, stress becomes the reaction to such pressure and as a result - inability to look at the situation objectively.
One of the most effective ways to cope with stress is meditation and other practices that help a person slow down. In Japanese culture there is the concept of Shinrin-yoku, literally translated as "forest baths", and means a walk through the forest in silence as a way to cope with stress and restore peace of mind. At the same time, the "slow tourism" movement has emerged in Europe.
Abandoning high-speed means of transport, eating local food, immersion in the everyday life of local residents these are essential features of slow tourism. This guide proposes to go on a trip through the fields, forests and rivers between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
You will enjoy the nature, visit traditional Russian villages, see architectural monuments. All trips are carried out on foot, by bike or by boat. The length of the route between Moscow and Saint Petersburg is 747 km, and it will take you 36 days, but you can join the trip or leave it in one of the intermediate stops.

Journey between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow

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For your convenience, we have divided the journey into several episodes. Each episode has a different number of days.
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